Be Careful of This Clause If You Have to File a Homeowners Insurance Claim

Dishonest contractors pressure unsuspecting homeowners into signing contracts that include these Assignment of Benefits (AOB) clauses. What you want to look for are phrases like, "I transfer and assign any and all insurance rights, benefits and causes of action under my property insurance policy to the contractor" or something along those lines.

Irma Insurance Villages (Lee & Collier)

There will be two Insurance Villages this week, which will include MOST of our carriers. An insurance village, is simply a group of insurance companies, bringing in their mobile response teams in one place a village to answer questions, open claims, etc

Insurance for Fort Myers Home-Based Business

Do you run a business out of your home? A lot of people think their homeowners' insurance policies cover their home-based business needs when mayhem happens, but the reality is that most
homeowners' policies don't.

Top 16 Home Maintenance Tips for Spring

“Spring is nature’s way of saying, let’s party.” I am not quite sure I agree with Robin Williams when he said that. Let’s be honest, the first thing we think of, besides the beauty of nature, is SPRING CLEANING. Yuck! The only two people I could imagine hosting a party in celebration of cleaning are Danny Tanner and Mr. Clean (And they are fictional).

Finding the Right Neighborhood for You

Whether you have just moved to Southwest Florida or if you are a renter who is getting ready to take the home buyer plunge, one thing that is likely in the back of your mind (besides staying in your budget) is finding the right neighborhood for you. This is a huge factor, in some cases, for determining the success of your move and how long you stay in one location. If you are like me, you want to do it as little as possible.

We all have different tastes, lifestyles, and needs so there is no best neighborhood to magically tell you about. The key to finding “your best neighborhood” is to evaluate and jot down what is important to you. Remember, one person’s paradise may be another person’s nightmare.