Culbertson Agency Office Coming to Port Charlotte

We’re happy to announce that starting May 1st the Culbertson Agency will soon have a new office in Port Charlotte, Florida. We are acquiring the Christopher Costello Agency that is located at 13435 S McCall Rd Unit 10, Port Charlotte, FL 33981.

The Costello Agency has been one of the top-performing agencies in Southwest Florida serving clients in Sarasota and Charlotte counties by providing premiere customer service and developing customize insurance portfolios for them.

“The Culbertson Agency has been treating customers the way we want to be treated in Fort Myers and Naples for the last decade, and we are excited to bring our brand and culture to the Charlotte and Sarasota markets” said agency owner Brian Culbertson. 

Culbertson continues “we’ve served customers in Punta Gorda and Port Chartlotte for many years now but did not have a local location where they could walk in to meet with an agent face to face without having to drive to Fort Myers. Now we can serve them were they are located.” 

Matt Pendleton who lives in Charlotte county will be the managing agent for the newly acquired Port Charlotte location. Matt has been with the Culbertson Agency since 2012 and has lead our sales teams for many years. 

Culbertson concludes “The Christopher Costello Agency did an amazing job of serving their customers going all the way back to 1997, and we look forward to continuing this tradition and expanding our family agency across Charlotte and Sarasota counties.”