September 8, 2010 | Fort Myers, FL | Culbertson Agency is offering property insurance to Florida homeowners and renters through its Castle Key Insurance and Castle Key Indemnity Companies, wholly owned subsidiaries of Allstate Insurance Company. Formerly known as “Floridian Insurance Company”, Castle Key is financially strong and has 225,000 policies in force in Florida.

In addition to Castle Key, The Culbertson Agency writes policies with 13 other property insurance companies. “We can offer insureds a broad array of property insurance choices,” said Brian Culbertson, the Agency Principal and owner. “Insureds experiencing significant price increases have far more choices today than they have over the past many years.

The Culbertson Agency provides home, auto, business, commercial, retirement, and life insurance products from it's office in Fort Myers. For more information, contact Brian Culbertson at 239-210-7700.00