Fort Myers, FL January 17th, 2012 - Local Allstate agentsBrian &Karen Culbertson are always looking for ways to give back. This week the husband and wife team announced the grand opening of a new Christian T-shirt business called SaltTee and the launch of their online store. SaltTee is the producer and online retailer of limited-edition, premium graphic t-shirts that tell stories of hope and love.

Inspired by Paul Newman with "Newman's Own", foundersBrian & Karen Culbertson have committed to donate all profits to a small community calledHato Del Yaque in the Dominican Republic. The Culbertson’s have visited this community on 3-separateoccasions. "We saw an impoverished community with many problems, rampant with alcohol and drug addictions, prostitution and many teenage mothers" says Karen Culbertson. The trips where a part of Brian's role at their local church (First Christian Church of Fort Myers) leading mission teams into this community to provide assistance.

Since the inception of the Culbertson Allstate Agency in 2010, the company has provided financial support to children in the Dominican as well as funding for construction projects within thecommunity.

"Providing money and support is one thing, but when you see those dirty yet smiling faces in person, your heart just melts," saidBrian Culbertson. "We wanted to do more, to give more and that's where the idea for SaltTee came in. We wanted to use our business knowledge and resources to not only raise much needed money but also raise awareness. We wanted others to have the ability to get involved. My favorite shirt design in our current line simply saysTHIS SHIRT FED 10-KIDS. As Americans we forget sometimes just how blessed we are, and how simply giving up morning trips to the coffee shop could feed an entire family for a month in most other parts of the world."

There are no salaries at SaltTee, no rent, no over-head. They are a 100% volunteer based organization. All marketing has been via word of mouth or social media. Their shirt designs are simple and meant to start conversations. Recently they gave shirts to a group running in the South Fort Myers Mud Run that simply saidLIFE, except it was upside-down. "That shirt illustrates living a life that is upside down and backwards from the so-called American Dream” says Karen who came up with the design “A life loving the widow and orphans, a more selfless life."

The Culbertson’s hope to have similar success with SaltTee as they have with their Allstate Agency. In 2012 their agency was second in the state of Florida for new policy production out of over 800 agencies. In just the two and a half years since opening the Culbertson Agency, they have grown to insure over 4000 households in Southwest Florida. They attribute their success to a unique culture, and have even designed a shirt 631 Culture in reference to their motto.

Brian & Karen Culbertson have their next visit to Hato Del Yaque scheduled for February and will continue to provide ongoing assistance when, where and however it is needed. "Many times we're just going down for manual labor, mixing concrete by hand, moving block, digging ditches ... but it's in those moments that we have formed relationships. It's the relationships that drove us us to start this new venture."

SaltTee is the producer and online retailer of limited-edition, premium graphic Christian t-shirts that tell stories of hope and love. The company was founded by Fort Myers, FL couple Brian & Karen Culbertson. Startup capital was provided via their Fort Myers insurance agency 100% of SaltTee's after-tax net profits are given directly to purchase food, shelter and ministry in the small community of Hato Del Yaque, near Santiago, in the Dominican Republic. SaltTee was built and is run by volunteers, there is no paid staff. To learn more about SaltTee visit their website at or their Facebook page at