Best Cape Coral Home Insurance Rates & Companies (Updated 2022)

The short answer is that Cape Coral homeowners insurance costs about $986 to $1,339 per year on average and is generally lower than the state average of about $1,648 to $3,575 per year. Larger, expensive houses on the coast in places like Naples and Miami explain why the state average is higher than the average for Cape Coral, FL.

Expert Roof Scrubber

Recently, I visited Belize (neat country by the way) doing some short term mission work with a small team of four guys. One of our

What Factors Affect Your Life Insurance Premiums

The short answer to that is “it depends” and the long answer is that it depends on a number of factors about yourself in addition to what type of policy you’d like to get. For example, the premiums for a 10-year term will usually be lower than a 30-year with all the other variables being the same.

Are Natural Disasters Covered by Homeowners Insurance?

Many homeowners choose a broad-range policy, often called an HO-3, because of the policy protects against a wide array of perils, unless it details specific exclusions. Some natural disasters like lightning strikes, windstorms and hail are usually covered by homeowners insurance, but earthquake and flood damage are often excluded,