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Karen Culbertson is originally from Milltown Indiana ... home of the world famous Milltown Millers (population 800).  She attended the University of Evansville where she graduated with a degree in interpersonal communication. Which means she knows when you are fibbing and can pretty much get her way without you even knowing what happened.   

Her hobbies include chauffeuring around her 3 kids.  She says they “make her nuts most of the time ‘cuz  they eat their boogers and stuff”.  She’s married to a super cool husband, Brian of course, who rocks a bad back with 3 herniated discs.  Karen also has a dog named Hershey who is pretty stinky, but she doesn't mind because it gives her an excuse for having a smelly house. 

Awards include, class of 1993 "most likely to succeed".  Actually, she didn't really receive that award.  Unbelievable right?  If you find this bio amusing, Karen also currently writes a weekly blog for our not-for-profit business at on parenting and other fun topics.  

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Neat Freaks and Squirrels

Written by Karen Culbertson
May 16, 2013

Being neat and organized just makes sense. Look at the order in which God created the universe. Being neat is just honoring God. By being neat, I am bringing order to my home, and if you aren't watching me I will casually try to neaten up your home as well to bring order to it. It’s what I do, I tidy up.

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