Boat Insurance Bonita Springs

Watercraft Bonita Springs InsuranceOne of the best things about living in Bonita Springs, FL is the beautiful open water, which is why having Boat Insurance in Bonita Springs is so important. Families that can afford to purchase a boat are definitely among the luckiest residents. If you are on those who shelled out thousands of dollars for your watercraft, then you should consider protecting it from potential damage in Bonita Springs, Florida. Getting boat insurance in Bonita Springs is one of the most practical things any boat owner can do.

When you are out at sea, both you and your boat are prone to danger. By getting boat insurance, Bonita Springs boat owners are protecting themselves against any physical damages and economic loss, in case any misfortune occurs. Here’s everything every boat owner should know about getting boat insurance in Bonita Springs.

History of Boat Insurance: Bonita Springs Boat Owners, Read!

Second Millennia: The concept of boat insurance in Bonita Springs dates back to when Chinese and Babylonian merchants traveled the seas during the second to third millennia. They realized that they could lessen their economic losses during unfortunate events if they shared the risk with people exposed to the same risk in Bonita Springs, Florida.

Present: Getting boat insurance in Bonita Springs is very common nowadays since water sports have become one of the favorite pastimes of Florida residents and tourists. If a boat owner gets boat insurance in Bonita Springs, then he/she will be contributing to the pool of money used to cover the damages that may be sustained by any policy owner in the same company. In turn, the same policy owner of the boat insurance in Bonita Springs is also covered if he/she experiences any economic loss.

What Are Covered by Boat Insurance in Bonita Springs?

  1. Boat Insurance in Bonita Springs Covers Medical Bills

While the idea of sailing is exciting, it also poses a few risks since you are out in the open in your watercraft. By getting boat insurance, Bonita Springs boat owners are protecting themselves and their passengers. Boat insurance in Bonita Springs covers all the medical expenses charged in the event of an accident.

Bonus: Jet Ski riders pulled by your boat are also insured by boat insurance in Bonita Springs.

  1. Boat Insurance in Bonita Springs Protects Your Boat

Whether you are storing, driving, hauling, or launching your watercraft, boat insurance in Bonita Springs will pay for any damages that may happen to it. Most boat insurance in Bonita Springs cover damages caused by hail, lightning, fire, explosions, and other catastrophes.

  1. Boat Insurance in Bonita Springs Pays for Any Damaged Items on Your Vessel

If you get boat insurance in Bonita Springs, you also have the option to purchase physical damage coverage. This includes the partial payment of your damaged anchor, life jackets, navigation aids, and any item that helps you operate your watercraft.

  1. Boat Insurance in Bonita Springs Pays for Emergency Services

Similar to cars and other types of vehicles, boats can also break down while being driven. By getting boat insurance, Bonita Springs boat owners can breathe easy knowing any emergency repair costs will be covered. Boat insurance in Bonita Springs covers towing services, as well as the labor services of mechanics who will attend to your boat.

  1. Boat Insurance in Bonita Springs Covers Even the Worst Damages

A total shipwreck is the worst thing that can happen to any boat owner. By getting boat insurance, Bonita Springs boat owners are covered if they ever need wreck removal services. Getting a shipwreck out of the water is definitely not cheap. As such, boat insurance in Bonita Springs can help you pay for it.

Get Boat Insurance in Bonita Springs Now

Are you ready to sail into the open seas? Make sure that you, your boats, and your passengers are protected by purchasing boat insurance in Bonita Springs! For reliable insurance services for your boats and comprehensive plans, turn to Culbertson Agency. We have various types of policies, including boat, home, and life insurance for Bonita Springs residences. 

Culbertson Agency: Boat Insurance Bonita Springs

Boat insurance is a widely accepted form of risk management that can significantly impact your financial standing. That’s why you should turn to an insurance company that has your best interests in mind.

At Culbertson Agency, we treat our clients and their boats the way we want to be treated. This philosophy has allowed us to earn the trust and confidence of our policyholders over the years. In fact, more than 90% of our clients renew their boat insurance policies with us every year—a shining testament to our hard work, dedication, and sincerity.

About Our Insurance Agency - Boat Insurance Bonita Springs

Culbertson Agency has locations in Fort Myers and Naples, FL. Our team members have an extensive amount of experience in the insurance industry and display utmost professionalism in every interaction.

We take pride in being one of the fastest growing insurance companies in Bonita Springs Florida, attracting more than 300 new clients every month. In addition, our agency has established a stellar reputation in the industry, winning several customer satisfaction and production awards.

Types of Insurance We Offer - Boat Insurance Bonita Springs

Life Insurance

Being a policyholder of life insurance ensures that your loved ones are financially taken care of even after you pass away. We offer two kinds of comprehensive life insurance—term life and permanent life, with each one having distinct advantages. Your premium amount will be computed based on a variety of factors, including your age, gender, and medical history.

Home Insurance in Bonita Springs, Florida

Your home is arguably one of the most important assets you can ever have. We offer highly flexible insurance policies that can be customized depending on your specific needs. Our home insurance coverage can range from dwelling and personal property to loss of use and medical payments.

Auto Insurance in Bonita Springs, Florida

If you are looking for an extensive auto insurance plan, we can certainly provide you with that. We have a wide range of coverage types, particularly bodily injury liability, property damage liability, uninsured motorist, underinsured motorist, medical payments, personal injury protection, collision, and comprehensive.

Boat Insurance in Bonita Springs, Florida

Owning a watercraft comes with its fair share of risks, and our goal is to eliminate or, at the very least, minimize them. Similar to our auto insurance policy, our boat insurance plan covers a variety of possible situations. These include accidents, medical payments, equipment and accessories, emergency services, and wreck removal.

Motorcycle Insurance in Bonita Springs, Florida

With a motorcycle insurance plan, you can cruise down the interstate on your big bike without any worries. On top of the basic coverage, we also offer specific options, such as towing and labor, rental reimbursement, and optional/added equipment under our motorcycle plan. We even offer a wide variety of discounts to certain clients.

ATV and Golf Cart Insurance in Bonita Springs, Florida

We also offer insurance policies for recreational or off-road vehicles. These include golf carts, all-terrain vehicles, dune buggies, jet skis, and motor homes. The coverage details are slightly different from that of our auto insurance policy. Please reach out to us for more details.

Flood Insurance in Bonita Springs, Florida

Although Southwest Florida is a wonderful place to live in, it is also notorious for tropical storms, hurricanes, and floods. Unfortunately, your home insurance will not cover damages to your home caused by floods. That is why getting flood insurance is a necessity if you live in this region.

Umbrella Insurance in Bonita Springs, Florida

If you’re looking for an extra security blanket, we suggest that you apply for our umbrella insurance. This covers damages that you or your dependents may cause when your other policies have maxed out. For instance, if you have been involved in a car accident and your auto insurance coverage has already been exhausted, your umbrella policy will serve as another layer of protection.

Secure Your Financial Future Today - Boat Insurance Bonita Springs

No matter what your current financial status is, it’s never too late to start getting insurance. Nothing beats the sense of comfort and security that comes with protecting your most valuable assets—and Culbertson Agency can help you achieve that. Get in touch with us today at 239-210-7700 (Fort Myers office) or 239-210-7710 (Naples office).