Cape Coral Home Insurance

Nearly half of all the home insurance policies of Culbertson Agency are for residents of Cape Coral. This shouldn't come as a huge surprise since Cape Coral has a population of over 154,000 (2010 Census). Cape Coral is a beautiful city in Southwest Florida and was founded originally in 1957.

You probably have heard the story …

Wealthy real estate developers purchased the 103-square-mile tract and in 1958 began developing the city as a master-planned community. The Gulf American Corporation was formed to develop the area. Canals were dug (lots and lots of canals … 400 miles of canals to be exact) streets paved and houses built catering to the blue collar workers in the Midwest. I was interested to find out that Gulf American actually operated an entire fleet of five Cessna’s to show prospective new residents of Cape Coral the waterfront wonderland.

Cape Coral officially incorporated in 1970 and its population continued to grow until the real estate housing crash of 2008. Although Cape Coral homeowners were originally mostly retired or “snow birds”, with the construction boom of the 1990’s and resulting jobs that it created many younger families and professionals moved to the area. Cape Coral is now the 11th largest city in Florida by population, and the largest city between Tampa and Miami.

The Cape (as most locals call it) is connected to Fort Myers by two bridges. The city is divided into four quadrants (Southeast, Southwest, Northeast and Northwest) which can make the street navigation very easy or very hard, depending on how well you understand the grid system and who you ask. Mix in the fact that many streets are cut off by canals and then start again on the other side, navigating without a map or navigator can sometimes be a challenging for new residents. Even with all of this confusion, Cape Coral was recently announced as the Safest city to drive in all of Florida and number 40 in the country on the Allstate America's Best Drivers Report (2013).

Cape Coral Homes

Cape Coral is a community with a wide range of homes. It is not uncommon to find newer large family homes of 4000+ square feet, right next door to a smaller home built in the 1960’s or 1970’s. While most of the homes are found within the standard grid system set up by the Gulf American Corporation on a standard Cape Coral 80 x 120 lot, there are a handful of gated subdivisions and communities throughout the city. Recently (2013) Cape Harbour, a gated community in the Southwest Quadrant of Cape Coral, had a home sell for a whopping $5.3M. That is a substantial price considering this is NOT a home on the beach. The home is a gigantic 18,404. We are sad to say that Culbertson Agency does not hold the home insurance to this Cape Coral property.

Many of the homes in Cape Coral are newer (built in the late 90’s through early and mid-2000’s) making them very easy to qualify for homeowners insurance at a great rate. Those homes built in the 1980’s and before are also quite easy to insure, especially if the roof has been updated in the last 12 years. Many homes incurred home insurance claims for roof damage after hurricane Charley, so it should come as no surprise than many homes received new roofs in 2004 and 2005.

Cape Coral Home Insurance Market

Cape Coral home insurance market is strong and very available. Most homes will have several options of price and coverage available to them. Culbertson Agency is happy to provide a free quote on a new purchase or give a competitive quote to your existing homeowner’s insurance coverage. Homes closer to the water tend to be higher home insurance premiums and the price decreases the further you move away from the water. We consider "water" to be the intracoastal waterway on the west and south side of Cape Coral. Likewise, older homes (more than 30 years old) tend to me more expensive to insure than newer homes, but with updates, the prices can be very similar and competitive.

Cape Coral homeowners who utilize the professional insurance agency services of Culbertson Agency benefit from receiving and comparing multiple quotes on their home insurance, all in one place. Our average rates for Cape Coral Home Insurance are between $1200 to $1300 with our lowest price policy being just over $600 and our highest priced over $7,000. You can receive a free quote right here on our website for Cape Coral Home Insurance or by calling our agency at 239-210-7700. Our amazing team is available and ready to LISTEN then offer sound advice. As our ads say, we are quick to listen, and slow to speak.

The Culbertson Agency partners ONLY with “A” or better rated Demotech home insurance companies, so you know you are not only getting the most competitive insurance rates but also the best coverage for your home. Cape Coral is very prone to hurricanes, so it is important that you take the decision on which local SWFL home insurance agency you work very seriously.

Additional Facts to Consider

With the average home elevation in Cape Coral, FL being 10 feet, it is also important to understand that flood insurance is a very important part of the correct coverage for your home, and that it is not covered under a standard homeowners policy. In addition, most insurance companies do not include coverage for your pool cage/screen enclosure, unless specifically requested. When you call our agency in Fort Myers, we will pull up your home on the Lee County Property Appraiser website, so that we know all the details on your home so that we can make the appropriate coverage recommendations. Many customers comment that we know more about their home than they do by the time we issue a home insurance quote. We will also consult with you on things like jewelry, guns and art that will need additional riders to be sure they are covered correctly under your Cape Coral Home Insurance policy.

Next Step to Apply for Home Insurance

There are some things you can do to help lower the cost of your Cape Coral Home Insurance. I wrote a free and shorteBook titled 9 ways to save on your home insurance that gives several tips and to save money and get additional discounts for all Cape Coral homeowners. The best thing you can do is use aprofessional and LOCAL insurance agent that understands Cape Coral and whom can help you navigate the trickyFlorida insurance market. We'd love to be that agent.
If you’d like to request aFREE, no obligation Cape Coral Home Insurance quote , the online request takes just a few minutes, and we’ll have a personalized quote back to you within a few hours after we review the specifics of your home andcompare rates withthe 13 A-rated insurance companies we represent for Cape Coral Home Insurance. Click the "Get a Quote" button at the top of this page, or give our agency a call at (239) 210-7700 or toll-free at (877) 453-8631.

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