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The city of Bonita Springs has a rich history lying under the surface, despite the city having officially been established in 1999. The Calusa Indians lived in the area by the time Ponce de Leon came around in the late 1500's and they were unfortunately wiped out due to disease from contact with the European explorers. In the 1870's a survey team set up in the area along the Gulf of Mexico to survey the waterways and undertake an archeological study of the Calusa and their lost culture. The survey camp grew to become a small town with a post office and a hotel. Visitors would come to hunt and fish in the unspoiled beauty of the area and in order to atract more visitors, the name was changed from "Surveyor's Creek" to Bonita Springs.

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"In 1999, residents voted to incorporate Bonita Springs for the second time. Today, the City of Bonita Springs is an attractive, affluent area with beautiful beaches, fine restaurants, excellent recreational facilities, and beautiful homes."

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According to the website AreaVibes, the median home price in Bonita Springs is $234,700 which is about $80,000 above the state average and about $60,000 above the national average, which means that it's one of the most affluent areas—not only in the state of Florida, but also in the nation. Rent is about $100 within the national going rate, so it's a fine place to live even if you don't own your own home (make sure you get renter's insurance).

Bonita is an area known for its retirees, so it's not yet a place that is well-know for its school system, however word-on-the-street is that the Lee County school system is seeing some steady improvements. Because there's so many retirees, most people don't work at jobs and instead live off their retirements or pensions and so the economy is medium-to-fair; the median household income being $53,000. About 20% of the residents are considered poverty level—which means you can infer 80% are above poverty level, so about one-fifth of the residents are poor. As far as crime, Bonita Springs is quite low at about half the crime rate for the state of Florida.

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All of that makes Bonita Springs a great place to live or retire. If you decide to move to Bonita Springs, please contact us to get quotes on your homeowner's insurance and also ask about the ever-fluctuating auto insurance market in the state of Florida.

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