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Renters insurance is for anyone who rents, period. You could rent an apartment in Fort Myers, townhouse in Cape Coral, condominium in Naples, duplex or home in Lehigh Acres. A misconception many renter’s hold is that rental insurance isn’t needed because their landlord’s insurance will cover them. The only thing that the landlord’s insurance covers is the building that they own.  In fact, many landlords now require tenants to provide proof that they have purchased renters insurance when they sign the lease.  They do this because they have seen many times what the results are to those that aren’t covered.  If you rent, here are some questions you should think about. 

Have you ever thought about how you would pay to replace your belongings if there was a fire or if the apartment above you flooded and it leaked into your apartment? 

Have you ever thought about how you would pay to replace your belongings if you were a victim of theft or vandalism? 

 Have you ever thought about what you would do if you have a fire and can’t live in your apartment? 

 Have you ever thought about what you happen to your belongings if someone got injured in your apartment?

Without renters insurance the answer is, you would be on your own.

Studies have found that renters have a higher likelihood of theft and burglary than home owners.

According to Insurance Information Institute:

  • Renters are 52.6% more likely to be burglarized than homeowners
  • Renters are 118% more likely to experience motor vehicle theft
  • Renters are 33.5% more likely to experience a theft than homeowners

These statistics make the thought of being on your own without any renters coverage a little frightening.  Unfortunately most people think that their belongings aren’t valuable enough to justify protection. But take some time to add up how much it would cost you to replace your furniture, televisions, computers, electronics (phone, ipod), jewelry, musical instruments, sporting equipment and even your clothes. Individually, the costs of these items might be minimal but collectively, it would cost quite a bit to replace them all. The average renter actually owns about $30,000 worth of personal property.  Renters insurance coverage with the Culbertson Agency is very flexible, which allows you to pick the amounts and coverages that fit your needs.

 So what does your renters insurance policy typically cover?

  • The loss or damage of your personally belongings. Renters insurance can cover the things you own, even when they’re outside your home. With renters insurance, you’re covered if someone steals your laptop from your car or your luggage while your on vacation.
  • Legal representation and protection against judgments for covered events
  • Medical costs for visitors injured at the renter’s home
  • Reimbursed cost of temporary living if necessary

 Renters insurance with the Culbertson Agency is very affordable and there are additional ways to save on renters insurance:

  • The presence of protective devices in your home such as sprinkler system, alarm, smoke detectors, fire extinguisher.
  • Multiple policies (renters + auto policies). When you purchase your renters and auto insurance from the Culbertson Agency you could be eligible for discounts on both policies.
  • If you are 55 or older and retired.
  • Choosing higher deductibles. Determine how much you are able to pay out of your own pocket if a covered loss occurs.

 Protect yourself and your belongings by getting an affordable renters insurance policy so you won’t have to go it alone.

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