I was recently asked to speak at a national conference for insurance agents in Las Vegas about creating engaging content for Facebook business pages.  The company I partner with tracks these sorts of things and takes notice when a page is getting a lot of engagement.  While I feel vastly under-qualified to speak on this topic and have no training in this area, I took a look back over the past year at our posts that got a significant amount of engagement.  In doing so, I was able to come up with ten ways that our agency has been able to create engagement with our customers and friends on Facebook. 

Share Life

I consider Facebook a branding platform for my business.  It's a way for customers and prospects to see what we're all about and to engage in our culture.  Our insurance agency is all about being a family, both within our team and with our customers, so we share family moments often. 

Share Achievements

In the insurance business, as in most industries, customers like to be aligned with a successful agency.  Share milestones and achievements with your customers so they can celebrate with you.  It's important not to be boastful.  No one likes a bragger. 

Keep It Fun

We are all bombarded everyday with information, advertising, and gimmicks to catch our attention in the media.  I treat our Facebook business page like an extension of my personal Facebook page and try to keep it light and fun.   I'm not trying to generate business directly from my Facebook page, I'm trying to engage with our customers and the community. 

Highlight Your Team

I am blessed to have an amazing team who truly understands our culture and frankly, blow my mind with how much they can accomplish in a 8-hour work day.  I make it a point to post not only the agencies accomplishments but the agents individual accomplishments as well.  Your team members deserve recognition when they accomplish extraordinary results and your customers and community appreciate seeing those accomplishments. 

Use Photographs

Spend the money and take the time to get professional photos taken of you and your team.  It's not that every post needs a professional photo, but if your team members are like mine --- trusted advisers and professionals --- a grainy iPhone picture doesn't cut the mustard. 

Be Creative

Someone decided to draw a mustache and horns on a local billboard advertisement we have in Fort Myers and instead of being horrified about this, we used it to our advantage. 

Share Your Personality

I love pizza and have spent many years developing the best homemade pizza recipe ever, so I thought, why not share this through our website and Facebook page.  If you have hobbies that you are passionate about, share that passion.  Be sure it's authentic.  People can smell a fake from 50 miles away. 

Establish Your Business as Experts

Whether you are been interviewed in a local newspaper/TV station or presenting at a conference, be sure to share this with your Facebook community to establish yourself as an expert in your field. 

Know Your Community

Never underestimate a simple post about current events in your community.  I prefer to stay away from anything controversial.  Here in Southwest Florida postings about traffic, weather, fishing and boating seem to be very well received. 

Keep It Simple

Most of all, keep your posts SHORT and RELATIVE.  You've got micro-seconds to catch someone's attention on Facebook.  Whether the engagement you seek is "likes" or "comments", keeping your posts short give you the best chance of creating the engagement from your "fans" that you desire.  

I am by no means an expert in this area.  I'm simply following our motto of "doing for others as I would have them do for me" by sharing what we've discovered at our Fort Myers Insurance Agency since starting a Facebook business page in 2010.  I hope your insurance agency or business can benefit from the things we have learned.