I heard about this study on the radio driving to work this morning. Apparently a psychologist did a study of 1,000 coffee drinkers to see if how you take your coffee can reveal insight to your personality. The researching studied the drinking habits of 1000 coffee drinkers and this is what they found ...

Black Coffee

These old-school cowboys tend to be no-nonsense and straightforward. They are patient and like to keep things simple and efficient. They can also be moody at times and set in their ways and big surprise, resistant to change.


Latte lovers it was found are more eager to places others and will go out of their way to help others. They seek comfort and like to soften the bitterness of life. However, they don't take great care of themselves and can get over-extended.

Iced & Frozen Coffee

Those who love the sweeter coffee drinks are said to be “socially bold” according to this study. They are young at heart, like to try lots of new things and considered to be trendsetters. But, they don’t always make healthy choices, fall for quick fixes and can be reckless. In other words they are overgrown kids.

Cappucino/Soy Milk/Double Shot/Extra Foam (very specifically ordered coffee)

These folks like to be in control and could be labeled as selfish, obsessive and a perfectionist. They tend to be very aware of the health of their bodies and make healthy choices. At times these coffee drinkers can be overly sensitive and/or worriers as they over focus on rules and order.

Instant Coffee

Very traditional and laid back is how this study found the instant coffee drinkers. They take life at it comes and don’t get too list in the details. They have a tendency to put things off (procrastinate) and may neglect some basic health issues.

What does your coffee reveal about you?

Does your preferred coffee drink match your personality? Sound off in the comments below!