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How to Shop Smart for Homeowner’s Insurance

We want you to purchase a homeowner’s insurance policy that works for you and your family. Understand the basics about home insurance to get started and learn where to get help choosing your coverage.

Types of Florida Home Insurance Coverage

Coverage A – Dwelling

Protects against damage to your home or its loss in the event of hail, lightening, hurricane, fire, or another covered claim. (A separate insurance policy is needed for earthquake and flood coverage).

Coverage B – Other Structures on the Property

Protects other buildings or structures on your property that aren’t connected to your primary dwelling, like a shed or a detached garage.

Coverage C – Contents or Personal Property

Protects the contents of your home or your personal property, like clothing, furniture, electronics, firearms, jewelry, and other property you own.

Coverage D – Loss of Use

Provides for the cost of living if you are unable to live in your home as a result of a covered claim. Loss of use generally covers hotel and restaurant expenses, as well as any other costs of living associated with the claim.

Coverage E – Personal Liability

Protects yourself and others if they are injured on your property. Florida homeowner’s insurance liability coverage provides for your legal fees and if the injured party wins a settlement, the policy can pay damages up to your policy limit.

Coverage F – Medical Payments

Protects others if they are injured on your property. Guest medical coverage pays for necessary and reasonable medical expenses in the event of an accident that aren’t already covered by personal liability protection, up to your policy limit.

Deductibles to Be Aware Of

If you file a Florida homeowner’s insurance claim, you usually must pay a deductible. How much your deductible is varies some depending on a number of unique factors.

All Other Perils (AOP)

This deductible is usually around $1000. A lower deductible reduces your initial out-of-pocket expenses if a claim is filed, but your homeowner’s insurance policy is usually more expensive. A higher deductible can drive down the annual premium, but a higher out-of-pocket cost if a claim is filed.

Hurricane Deductibles

This deductible is typically around 2% of Coverage A (Dwelling), although this figure is flexible, and homeowners can choose lower or higher deductibles. It’s important that your policy not have dwelling coverage that is higher than you need, because the hurricane deductible is a percentage of that coverage.


Be aware of exclusions on your policy. Some Florida home insurance companies will exclude some coverage that is usually included, such as mold coverage, rain coverage, pool cage/screen enclosures, etc.

Florida Homeowner’s Insurance Savings & Discounts

Know what discounts may be available to you to keep the cost of your homeowner’s insurance policy as low as possible. We offer the following:

Wind Mitigation Discounts

Obtain up to 60% based on the features of your home’s roof. We can help connect you with Naples, Cape Coral, and Fort Myers-based inspectors that can perform inspections in as little as 24 hours.

Home and Auto (Multi-Line)

Get a discount when the Culbertson Agency provides both your home and automobile insurance.

Protective Devices

Save on your home insurance policy when you have a combination of protective devices installed, such as burglar alarms, fire alarms, and other protective devices.

Retired and 55 or Older

If you are 55 or older and retired, you may be able to receive an additional discount. This is because statistically, retired seniors pose the least risk to the home insurance company.

Get a Quote from the Culbertson Agency

You can quickly get a quote from any national or statewide insurance agency when you dial their call center but dealing with a large insurance agency can be a nightmare. When you work with a local Florida homeowner’s insurance specialist, you exchange getting stuck on hold and dealing with multiple people during your claim for personalized, professional service.

The Culbertson Agency provides homeowners in Southwest Florida with comprehensive insurance coverage and support when things go awry. Contact us today for more information about our homeowner’s insurance policies and other types of coverage at (239) 210-7710 (Naples) or (239)-210-7700 (Fort Myers).

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