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Motorcycle Insurance Basics

There are few better places to ride a motorcycle than Southwest Florida. From Fort Myers to Cape Coral and Marco Island to Naples, Florida offers gorgeous scenery and balmy weather that is perfect for spending the day cruising.

As fun as riding a motorcycle can be, there’s always the risk of getting into an accident, even when you’re careful. It’s important to ensure that you and any passengers that may be riding with you are protected if you are involved in a collision. Here’s what you need to know about motorcycle insurance and how to get help choosing a policy that works for you.

Coverage Options

There are many different types of coverage for motorcycles available, including both required and optional coverage.

Medical Expenses

This type of coverage pays for necessary and reasonable medical expenses that are incurred by you and/or your passengers in the event of a motorcycle accident. Hospital bills, doctor visits, medications, medical devices, surgery, and other medical costs are covered by this portion of your policy.

Personal Injury Protection (PIP)

Personal injury protection (PIP) pays for medical expenses also, but also covers funeral costs in the event of a death, lost income, and other expenses incurred as a direct result of a motorcycle accident. This coverage is available no matter who is at fault for collision. In the state of Florida, PIP coverage is required for both motor vehicle and motorcycle drivers.


Collision coverage pays for expenses related to a motorcycle accident involving a collision with another object, such as a vehicle, a tree, a fence, or another object. This coverage is in addition to other types of similar coverage.


Comprehensive coverage pays for expenses related to any motorcycle accident that cannot be classified as a collision. For example, if your motorcycle was damaged by vandalism, theft, or a natural disaster, it would be covered under this portion of your policy.

Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist

Uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage pays for costs incurred in an accident that was caused by a driver who didn’t have insurance or by a driver who doesn’t have enough insurance to completely pay for your medical or vehicle repair expenses.

Property Damage

This coverage pays for damage that results to another person’s property as a result of an accident that you are at fault for. Typically, this type of coverage is required.

Bodily Injury

This coverage pays for the reasonable and necessary medical expenses of other people involved in an accident when you are the at-fault party. Typically, this type of coverage is required.

Optional Equipment

Many riders customize their motorcycles with expensive parts, equipment, and accessories. If your bike is damaged or stolen, it’s important that those parts are covered under your insurance policy. At the Culbertson Agency, we offer up to $30,000 of coverage for optional and added equipment.

Labor and Towing

This coverage pays for the cost of having your motorcycle towed and related labor should you get into an accident or break down. Often, this is included in roadside assistance coverage and it can be used once per accident or break down. Ask your insurer for details.

Rental Expenses

If you’ve made a claim for comprehensive or collision coverage, your insurance policy may also pay for the cost of renting a vehicle while your motorcycle is being repaired. Discuss with your insurer if you get this benefit even if you have another vehicle you can drive while your motorcycle is in the shop.

Lease/Loan Gap Coverage

Lease/loan gap coverage is optional but can be purchased if you also have comprehensive and collision coverage. This coverage is good to have when you still owe a lot on your motorcycle. If you are involved in an accident and your bike is totaled, this coverage will pay the amount you still owe on your motorcycle loan or lease.

Motorcycle Insurance Discounts

We are proud to be able to provide several discounts on policy premiums to motorcycle riders at the Culbertson Agency. Discounts include but are not limited to:

Motorcycle Organization Discounts

  • Harley Owners Group
  • American Motorcycle Association
  • Gold Wing Road Riders Association
  • Gold Wing Touring Association
  • BMW Motorcycle Owners of America
  • Honda Riders Club of America
  • Venture Touring Society
  • Motorcycle Safety Foundation

Policy Discounts

  • Multiple policy discount
  • Multiple motorcycle discount
  • Homeownership discount
  • Transfer discount
  • Full pay discount
  • Anti-lock brake discount
  • Passive restraint discount
  • Recovery service discount
  • Early signing discount
  • Safety course discount
  • Full pay discount

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The Culbertson Agency offers comprehensive motorcycle insurance policies to protect the motorcycle riders of Southwest Florida in the event of an accident or natural disaster.

What You Get with Our Fort Myers Insurance Agency

At the Culbertson Agency, we love knowing our customers have the protection they need while on the road with their motorcycles. We offer great customer service, flexible payment plans and affordable monthly premiums, 24-hour access to a licensed insurance professional, and secure account management and easy online payment.

Reach out to us today for more information about how to purchase a customized motorcycle insurance policy at (239) 210-7710 (Naples) or (239)-210-7700 (Fort Myers). Serving the Fort Myers, Naples, Cape Coral, and Marco Island areas.

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