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Cello Casanova

Where did you grow up and how long have you lived here?
Fort Myers, FL- lived here for 31 years, I think that made me take for granted the sunshine and palm tree’s that not everyone gets to experience everyday.

Are you married? Have any kids?
I am not married right now and I do not want children, I like the roll of fun Uncle Cello way better!

What are at least 3 activities that you like doing on the weekends when you’re not doing insurance?
Traveling seeing new things and having new adventures, spending time with friends and family, and watching all the new movies

If I was to meet you on the street, what’s something that might not be evident from meeting you?
I’m obsessed with observing who is left handed and right handed

Do you have a secret talent?
Is sarcasm a talent?

If you could only watch one movie for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?
Wayne’s World– I’ve loved it since I was a child. I got a VHS copy for my birthday when I was a kid and I can quote every line and it makes me laugh still even though I’ve seen it more than I can count.

What was the last book you read?
3rd book in the Tucker Max series “Hilarity Ensues” I enjoy all his books and his brand of humor.

What is your dream car?
Range Rover- it’s a status symbol that you made it!

Who do you turn to for advice?
“The Council”- aka my childhood group of friends who I’ve known since grade school and we constantly keep in touch via group chats even though we are all in different places, it feels like we are all in the same room, trading advice and insults.