Safe Driver
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One of the best ways to save money on your car insurance is to keep a clean driving record. Insurers don’t like risk. If they see that you are a “risky bet,” then you will be paying more for auto insurance than your friends with better driving records. The Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) keeps your driving record on file. It includes things like your traffic tickets, accidents and other violations.

Insurance agencies use data from the DMV to rank your driving skills and risk level compared to other drivers. The more problems that are listed on your driving record, the higher your premiums will be. Safe drivers without red flags on their records are an insurance agent’s dream! We love to insure people who drive safely because we know they are statistically less likely to be in an automobile accident. Here are some tips for safe driving:
  • ✓  NEVER drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs. If you are caught driving under the influence, your insurance rates will skyrocket.
  • ✓  Be alert. Part of safe driving is watching out for other drivers. Periodically check your rear view mirror and blind spots
  • ✓  Always use turn signals!
  • ✓  Keep a safe distance between yourself and other cars. * Never, ever tailgate. Even at low speeds, it’s incredibly dangerous.
  • ✓  Minimize road rage. Yes, driving can be painful at times, especially during the busy tourist season! Breathe deeply and think of your low insurance rates!
  • ✓  SLOW DOWN. Obey speed limit signs and always slow down even more in bad weather. Car accidents are incredibly common with slippery roads.10 Ways to Save on Money on Your Auto Insurance
  • ✓  Don’t take calls on your cell phone in the car. Don’t text on your cell phone in the car. If you need to talk or text, pull over in a parking lot. Finish your business, then go back to driving. Don’t risk your life to talk on the phone. It’s simply not safe.
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