Lovebugs are nuisance bugs. Related to the common housefly.  Every May and September (ish) these bugs “make love” and have become as much a part of the Florida landscape as sand and palm trees. They don’t bite or sting, but they can damage your car or truck.

They can clog radiators, and more commonly if not cleaned off within a few days, they can damage your car or trucks paint as their acidic bodies bake in the southwest Florida sun.

And so perhaps the questions you’re asking yourself, does my auto insurance cover damage from lovebugs? And the answer is, probably not.

I say probably not, because every situation, of course, is different, and all claims are a case-by-case basis. Your auto insurance covers sudden and accidental loss to your vehicle.  Long-term damage to the paint of your auto by dead love bugs does not meet this criterion.

If somehow the impact caused the paint to chip, that could be sudden and accidental and covered, but this is highly unlikely.

I know it’s a pain, but wash those lovebugs off as soon as possible, don’t let them sit because your auto insurance most likely does not cover damage by lovebugs.

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