Safe Driver
This is the seventh installment of “10 Ways to Save Money on Your Auto Insurance”, which can be downloaded for FREE from
Your insurance company knows that if you are driving a safe car, there is less risk that they will have to pay out for major claims. Your car insurance policy will be priced differently depending on:
✓ What kind of car or truck you drive
✓ The overall condition of the vehicle
✓ The safety features that come with your automobile. Safety features don’t only lower your insurance, they will also (obviously) keep you safer too!
What kinds of cars are the safest? Cars with small engines are generally safer than ones with large engines. It’s also more expensive to replace a car with a large engine, so you end up paying higher premiums to insure it. Cars with side airbags are safer than those without. Side-impact accidents are, unfortunately, a frequent occurrence. Cars with this kind of protection will qualify for lower rates. Anti-lock brakes make your car cheaper to insure. These brakes will reduce the risk of skids, thereby reducing the likelihood of an accident. Your insurer will appreciate the lower risk – and they should lower your premium too! Electronic stability control is another car feature that will lower your insurance rates, especially if you drive an SUV.10 Ways to Save on Money on Your Auto Insurance And, don’t forget anti-theft devices (as referenced in Tip #4). 

Your insurance provider will want to know that your car is less likely to be stolen. Always tell them if you have an anti-theft device because it can mean lower rates on your insurance. AOL Autos has ranked the 20 Top Cars that will get you lower insurance rates. Is your car on the list? Even if your vehicle isn’t listed, it may still qualify for very good rates. If you want to find out how your car or truck ranks in safety, contact us at (239) 210-7700 for a free customized rate quote! -Brian