Many times I am asked "what is the differences between standard and non standard auto insurance in Florida". The main difference between standard and non-standard auto insurance is the forms they are written on.

The company I represent is a STANDARD Florida Auto Insurance company, which simply means that we write our policies on state approved policy forms. These forms are regulated by the state of Florida and for the most part, vary little from company to company in coverage and language. These policies are geared to the preferred client with good credit and underwritten to help limit the risk of exposures for the company. These policies will typically exclude certain classes of drivers, specifically those with very poor credit or very poor driving records. 

Non standard insurance is also written on state approved forms, however, they can vary greatly in pricing because they are more customized policies designed by the insurance companies to be able to accept a wider range of risks. Non standard insurance is for drivers who are unable to obtain insurance through the typical methods. Most times, non standard car insurance is written for the higher risk driver, inexperienced drivers or high risk vehicles (think Lamborghini). These policies tend to be substantially more expensive than a preferred or standard policy. Drivers with DUI are almost instantly classified as high risk. 

Today many insurance companies such as Geico, Progressive, State Farm, and Allstate offer both forms of coverage so they are able to serve all customers with the appropriate product. If you are with a nonstandard company, talk to your agent on what steps you can take to eventually move back over onto a standard policy. 

Both standard and nonstandard policy forms must be approved by Florida and both companies must still follow the state laws and regulations If you would like to learn more please contact Culbertson Agency at (239) 210-7700.