My brother-in-law recently dropped off his oldest  daugher at college.  He says it was one of the toughest things he's ever done.  My sister-in-law still hasn't stopped crying.  It made me think about my own kids going away to college, so much so ... I even had a nightmare about it this week.

Have you ever wondered if your child's computer, clothing or micro-fridge is covered in their dorm room or even in the fraternity they might be joining? Most FL Home Insurance policies provide coverage for personal property owned anywhere in the world for an insured person. An insured person can be defined as the person or persons named directly on the policy decleration's page and that person's resident spouse AND IF a resident of the insured's house, any relative and dependent person in the insured's care.

So on most FL Home Insurance policies, personal property coverage will extend to a child that is away at college. Personal Property is covered for sudden and accidental direct physical loss caused by the perils listed in your FL Home Insurance policy.  The deductible would apply as would all sub-limits to the personal property (i.e. limits on jewelry, money, computer equipment, etc...). This coverage provides coverage (up to the coverage C) limits for insured personal property while in a student dormitory, fraternity or sorority house.  One important note however, a student who is living in "off-campus" housing with the exception of a fraternity/sorority may be subject to a 10% limitation of the Personal Property Coverage. If you have questions or comments, or want to share your story of dropping of your baby at college, feel free to share below. Toga ... Toga!!!