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Dreading that next auto-insurance bill? You’re not alone. Many people get those same thoughts in their mind, when they think: “How much is my premium going up, now?” Well Culbertson Agency would like to offer you piece of mind. A FREE  helpful tool packed full of valuable information on ways to help you get your premiums down. Over the next few months we will post one of the tips from the eBook 10 Ways to Save Money on Your Auto Insurance on our blog. If you don’t feel like waiting for each blog post, you can download the entire eBook for free from our website! In this FREE eBook you’ll learn how to save money on your auto insurance in ways such as:

  • Bundling Insurance to save on premiums
  • Keeping a clean driving record
  • Learning about various types of coverage
  • Ensuring you have the right level of deductible
  • Knowing about all of the discounts you qualify for!

With these tips and more to come, Culbertson Agency hopes to help you save money on your insurance. Click here for a free insurance quote, or for more information contact us online or call (239) 210-7700. -Brian