Some of our customers have really caught on to getting the lowest rates for their automobile insurance. The trick is to consider all kinds of discounts. There are probably several you haven’t thought of yet. You may qualify for more than one! All of these special auto insurance discounts can add up to big savings when combined.

  • Loyalty pays off. Have you been with the same insurance company for several years? Ask for a loyalty discount! A good insurance agent should be trying to keep you happy, and should value you as a loyal customer.
  • Does your car have extra safety devices? If your insurance agent didn’t ask if you have airbags, anti-theft devices, anti-lock brakes or other special features, you may be missing out. Insurance companies will often offer discounts for equipment that makes your car safer and more secure.
  • Are you 55 or older? Some companies will offer discounts for older drivers. Younger drivers might get discounts too – if they are good students in school, there are often incentives for lower rates!
  • Are you a member of an alumni association? Check with your university to see if there are any auto insurance discounts available with your membership. The larger universities may have several partnerships that may benefit you.
  • Have you significantly reduced the number of miles you drive? If you are off the road (say, with a much shorter commute to work), then your risk of getting in an accident has just decreased. Your auto insurance rates should decrease too! Ask for a discount if you aren’t driving many miles per year.

Want to know if you qualify for these or other special discounts on your auto insurance? Contact us online or call us at (239) 210-7700 and we’ll discuss the various discounts you should be taking advantage of. -Brian