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3 Affordable Outdoor Home Security Cameras

We’re here to explore some key features worth considering when choosing the best outdoor camera. We’re also going to share our top three home security choices based on their combined affordability and functionality.

Irma Insurance Villages (Lee & Collier)

There will be two “Insurance Villages” this week, which will include MOST of our carriers. An insurance village, is simply a group of insurance companies, bringing in their mobile response teams in one place (a village) to answer questions, open claims, etc…

Shopping For Homeowners Insurance

You are getting ready to purchase a home, and you hear someone mention Homeowners Insurance… Dun, dun, duuuuuuuuuuunnnnnnn!  For many first time buyers, shopping for

6: Decrease your Auto Deductible

As we discussed in Tip #5, your deductible is one of the policy terms you should understand in order to get the best price on your auto

4: Ask about Special Discounts

Some of our customers have really caught on to getting the lowest rates for their automobile insurance. The trick is to consider all kinds of discounts. There are