After food was mysteriously disappearing from the kitchen counter, the evidence pointed to Yogi, their dog, as the likely culprit. They decided to set up a video camera in order to catch him red-handed (red-pawed?) and the video that they captured was hilarious. After sharing the video on Facebook, people had encouraged the Culbertson family to upload the video to America’s Funniest Home Videos, but Brian shrugged it off thinking that the video never had a chance of making it on the show. Finally, after much encouragement from his wife Karen, Brian got around to uploading the video.

In just a weeks time, Brian received a phone call—it was from AFV informing him that he was one of three finalists and they wanted to fly his family to Los Angeles to tape the episode.

“I thought we’d get third, at best,” Brian said. “When they showed that video in the church with all the candles falling all over the place, I thought that was going to win. It was hilarious.”

But the church video won third place, Brian thought they were a sure second place, until Alfonso read the card…

You can watch a recording of their appearance on AFV in the video below:

Success Through Small Things…

Brian used the AFV adventure as a teachable moment in a company meeting before he flew to tape the episode. He shared that small things, like uploading a video to a TV show, would never have allowed bigger things, like appearing on and winning an episode of the TV show, without following through on the small things. It’s the idea that success builds little-by-little over time through smaller things that we so often think are trivial and unimportant.