I love pizza.  Who doesn’t right?  But I’m pretty sure I love it more than the average guy.   I eat pizza at least once per week, and if my wife is out of town, that number may jump up to once per day.  Bad day at the office?  Good day at the office?  Gained a pound?  Lost a pound?  Ran a Marathon?  Celebrating Friday night?  Tuesday night?  … All seem like a good time to eat some pizza.  I count pizza as a fruit & vegetable on the food chart (it has TOMATO sauce … don’t judge) 

When we moved to Fort Myers years ago, I made it my personal goal to find the finest pie in Southwest Florida.  This article isn’t meant to settle arguments about which style is best nor is it a final and unchanging list.  There are hundreds of pizza restaurants across the Fort Myers and Southwest Florida landscape, but I think some are just better than others. 

Over the years pizzerias have come and gone, so with the help of my Facebook friends, personal research and opinions of the Culbertson Agency team, we’ve assembled this list of the Top 10 Pizza Restaurants in Fort Myers  … in no particular order.

The List.  Top 10 Pizza Restaurants in Fort Myers

Birdie’s Pizza

4329 Cleveland Ave, Suite 201, Fort Myers 33901

Many say this is the most authentic NY Style pizza shop in Fort Myers.  It’s been around forever and makes the claim of Fort Myers oldest PIZZERIA.   The décor pays tribute to old New York.  They even have the daily New York Post so you’ll have no doubt what town this pie pays homage to.  And if the fantastic pizza isn’t enough, at Birdie’s you can find Zeppoles.  What’s a Zeppole you ask?  Big – Fluffy – Round – Goodness … completely covered with powdered sugar.

Birdie's Pizza Fort Myers

Grimaldi’s Coal Oven Pizza

4329 Cleveland Ave, Suite 201, Fort Myers 33901

In the world of pizza … Grimaldi’s is an institution.  They’ve been making coal fired brick-oven pizza for over 100 years.  Grimaldi’s opened in the Bell Tower Shops in Fort Myers only a few years back, but has quickly become a local favorite.  It’s also one of my personal favorites.  If you think you’ve heard the name before, they have locations in Arizona, California, Texas and New York (though all locations are company owned, not franchised).  The sauce is perfect, it has just the right amount of smokiness from the coal oven and the toppings are all top-shelf.  My wife Karen loves their Antipasto Salad.  If you like crispy and crunchy crust, handmade mozzarella with loads of fresh ingredients to choose from this is the place.

grimaldi's pizza

Pizza Fusion

12901 McGregor Blvd, Suite 5, Fort Myers, FL 33919

When asked what separates Pizza Fusion from the other Pizza restaurants in Fort Myers the answer is … EVERYTHING!  From their concern for the environment to their concern for your health, Pizza Fusion makes our list of Best Pizza Restaurants in Fort Myers for stepping outside the boundaries.  They use quality organic ingredients for a healthier and tastier pie.  As far as I know, they are the only pizzeria in Fort Myers with gluten-free offerings including pizza, brownies and beer enabling those with celiac disease to indulge.  From the “Classic Pepperoni” to the “Very Vegan” or “Tuscan Steak & Gorgonzola”, Pizza Fusion has something for everyone.   Order a pizza for delivery, and they’ll delivery it in their own Hybrid vehicles.  Return your pizza boxes for recycling and they’ll give you a discount on your next pizza.

pizza fusion

Evan’s Neighborhood Pizza

2973 Palm Beach Blvd, Fort Myers, FL 33916

Never judge a book by its cover.  I’ve driven past this pizzeria 100’s of times before stopping by on the recommendations on SEVERAL good friends.  In the shadow of the Oasis Condo Towers in downtown Fort Myers, locally-owned and family-run Evan’s is a Fort Myers tradition.  Inside, this cute pizzeria has pizzas which are immensely yummy with a garlic buttered crust, but if you’re looking for something a little more exotic, try the Alligator Pizza (blend of Florida Alligator & Spicy sausage).  There is always a chalkboard full of specials and unique culinary inventions, so sit back, shoot a game of pool, listen to the jukebox while you peer right inside the kitchen as your pizza is prepared. 

evan's neighborhood pizza

Aurelio’s Pizzeria

Gulf Coast Town Center, Fort Myers, FL

I know I’ll get some hisses and boos on this one, people seem to either hate it or love it.  Aurelio’s at the Gulf Coast Town Center in Fort Myers got the most votes on a recent Facebook request to my friends.  “Yummy Chicago pizza in Florida” is how most people described this place.  Aurelio’s is a casual and family friendly environment; a great place to go before or after an event at FGCU or Germain Arena.  If you’re looking for a romantic dinner, this is not the place.  Of course, being a Chicago style pizzeria Aurelio’s has what many consider the best deep dish pizza in the area and that’s why the Culbertson Agency has put them on our list of our Top Ten Pizza Restaurants in Fort Myers.  Did I mention, they have root beer on tap!