On September 1, 2010, the 4 original crew of the Culbertson Agency opened the doors with ZERO policies AND no customers.  That’s right… Nada – zip – zilch. 5 years later, Brian, Karen, Kristen, and David are still with the agency, and it has grown like wildfire.  Today they along with the team of 20 agents service over 15,000 policies for 9,000 households in Southwest Florida.

The Culbertson Agency is one of the fastest-growing agencies in the country and recognized as the top 1% in overall performance criteria which includes retention, customer satisfaction, and other rating criteria.  The impressive nature of the growth comes from how organically it was done.

“We built the Culbertson Agency from scratch.  We did not buy another agency.  We put in the work and treated everyone with the 631 Culture attitude, which has proved to be a solid business model” says agency owner Brian Culbertson.  So much so, in September of 2014 Kristen and David opened, and manage the first-ever satellite office in Naples so that their high level of service can reach even farther in Florida.


“We believe our rapid growth is also based on investing in our marketing strategies, branding, and culture” states Culbertson.  In addition to the investing in the agency, Brian Culbertson believes deeply in giving back to the community through charity work and mentorship and has been acknowledged nationally for it. He takes that type of leadership and threads it back through staff training, which has also aided in aligning the vision of the business with the culture.

Future plans include additional expansion into other markets across Florida, but the team stays pretty tight-lipped with much more on that front.  One thing is certain, the agency is all about the team, all about the family feel, and all about treating their customers in Florida how they themselves would like to be treated.