Welcome to our comprehensive FAQ section on Citizens Homeowners Insurance. This not-for-profit government entity provides essential insurance coverage to Florida homeowners who may struggle to find adequate protection in the private market. Here, we address key questions related to eligibility, coverage, application process, discounts, and claims. Reading through these answers will provide a deeper understanding of how Citizens can serve your insurance needs and what to expect when taking out a policy with them.

What is Citizens Homeowners Insurance?

Citizens Homeowners Insurance is a not-for-profit, tax-exempt government entity that provides insurance protection to Florida property owners. It was established to provide coverage to home owners who are unable to find coverage in the private insurance market.

How do I qualify for Citizens Homeowners Insurance?

To qualify, your property must meet specific criteria under Florida law, your roof must have at least three years of remaining useful life, and you must be unable to obtain coverage from any other Florida insurer or prove that the cost of such insurance is prohibitive.

What if a private company’s premium is within 20% of my Citizens premium?

If a private company offers a premium within 20% of your Citizens premium, you would no longer be eligible for Citizens insurance.

Are there any flood insurance requirements to secure a Citizens Homeowners Insurance policy?

If your property is located in a primary flood zone, it is necessary to have matching building and contents limits on your homeowners and flood insurance, or maintain FEMA’s maximum limits of $250,000 for the dwelling.

How can I apply for a Citizens Homeowners Insurance policy?

You can apply through an authorized Citizens agent. We at the Culbertson Agency are licensed and authorized to write Citizens Insurance for you. Contact us to check your eligibility and to get started.

Can Citizens refuse to insure my property?

Yes, if your property doesn’t meet their eligibility requirements or if you’re able to secure coverage from a private insurer, Citizens may refuse to insure your property.

How do I file a claim with Citizens?

You can report a claim by calling Citizens’ toll-free claims hotline, reporting it online via the Citizens website, or contacting your agent (which, we’d like to be your agent).

Does Citizens offer any discounts on its homeowners insurance policies?

Yes, Citizens offers several discounts for things like wind mitigation features, burglar alarms, fire alarms, and more. Check with your agent for details.

Will my Citizens policy cover all types of damage to my property?

Not necessarily. Like all insurance policies, Citizens policies have exclusions. It’s important to read your policy documents carefully to understand what is and isn’t covered.

In conclusion, it’s clear that Citizens Homeowners Insurance serves an essential role in providing coverage to Florida homeowners. However, determining eligibility and navigating the application process can be complex.

That’s where our agency comes in.

We have a deep understanding of Citizens and the intricacies of securing coverage. Our knowledgeable agents are ready to assist you in discussing your potential eligibility with Citizens.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us for a personalized consultation — we’re here to help guide you through the process of securing the coverage you need.