The Culbertson Agency is giving $1,000 to the Hoops on Mission through a grant from a foundation as a part of the “Hands in the Community” Grant.

According to Dwayne Jackson, the goal of Hoops on mission is to “empower youth and young adults by creating a multi ethnic community through athletics and teaching essential life skills in order to ensure the success of future generations and enriching their lives and those of their families, schools, communities and beyond.”


Dwayne Jackson, the leader of Hoops on Mission, is also cited as greatly helping the Southwest Florida Christian Academy’s rise to the state championships.


The $1,000 donation is a part of a grant from the Foundation which says, “Together with agency owners and employees, [they] contribute more than $36 million annually to community projects.”


The Foundation went on to say that they appreciate Brian’s volunteerism in his community at Hoops On Mission Inc. “Individually, we can make a difference, but together, we are a force for good.”